ChatChat is a game created by Terry Cavanagh (with graphics by Hayden Scott Baron) where you play as a cat and chat with other cats in servers. It is both published in Kongregate and Jayisgames.

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Last update and commissions Edit

The last update was the tree update, where Terry Cavanagh added a tree for cats to climb and get inside with a notifications saying the tree is a peaceful place and dogs are not allowed if stepped on. After the last update, the game was finally complete. Because of people giving Terry commissions to update the game, many upvotes were made in their commissions. Some people may be upset at all the commissions because Terry Cavanagh decided to not update the game anymore.

What you can do Edit

  • Name your cat.
  • Be a cat at the start of the game in a server you entered, and spawn at the house.
  • Get scores if your cat got a mouse and go to the house (if a dog, get a mouse and go to the dog altar)
  • Become a dog by going into the altar with a mouse (if dog become a cat by going to the house)
  • Step on notifications for help
  • Talk with other cats
  • Take a nap
  • Meow, screech and purr (if dog: bark, howl and pant)

Commands Edit

As a cat:

  • /meow - Makes your cat meow in 3 different sounds.
  • /screech - Makes your cat screech.
  • /purr - Makes your cat purr.

As a dog:

  • /bark - Makes your dog bark in 3 different sounds.
  • /howl - Makes your dog howl.
  • /pant - Makes your dog pant.

Accessible on both cat and dog:

  • /nap - Makes your cat/dog take a nap.

/me - Being the only customizable command, it's for other actions. Usually for roleplay. (Format: /me <action>)

Glitches Edit

  • Tree dog glitch: Since dogs cannot get in trees because the tree is a barrier in "dog mode", you can enter if you do something to let you in.
  • Cat stuck glitch: Another cat may be stuck inside you following you every time.
  • Cloning glitch: If you enter a cat's name that has been taken in a server, you will be a clone. However, when you speak your name in the script is colored like the existing cat's name in the script in the server. Also, if you try to meow, screech, purr, or take a nap, the real cat does the commands you (the clone) types and says.
  • Command glitch: When you give your cat or dog a command then move while it's still playing, the audio will still go on as you move.
  • Server strike glitch: When you copy a server's name, you will join the real server instead and have your server nonexistent.
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