Improfane's Javascript Pokemon (called IJP for short) is a fangame powered by Javascript and utilizes DHTML and CSS.

Improfane's Javascript Pokemon
Language Availability
Disclosure Closed

Type of Fangame Standalone
Available for playing No
Engine Javascript
Programming Language Javascript
Series Pokemon
State Incomplete
Genre Role-playing game

Last Development Event


The game is has standards in mind and is compatible with all major browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Konqueror

The engine is custom built from scratch and has no dependencies other than Javascript within the web browser.

  • the only third party code used is an odd few generic routines

Implemented FeaturesEdit

  • battles with trainers
  • worldmap view


'Improfane' is the founder and only developer of IJP. With the exception of graphic and audio files, the game is engineered from scratch, without usage of tutorials or prefabricted engines. Development started in 2005 and has only picked up in 2007.

Improfane has publically announced that he is seeking spriters, mappers and Pokemon fans to join a private community.

Proposed FeaturesEdit

The engine is highly modular and it is easy to add new Pokemom, NPC and tiles to the game since they are in easy to edit .js files. The editor used by the developer is likely to be polished and developed separately. This would enable anybody to create mods for the game.

Expected ReleaseEdit

  • unknown

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