This game modification is for Lords of Magic SE, a turn-based strategy game with a real-time combat system by Sierra Entertainment from 1998. The mod is created by Mantera. The GS5 mod changes a lot of unit stats, fixes numerous bugs and grants many new options which include new spells. However, it also changes many spells and units of the faiths, making some seem like they have much less umph. It also adds stipulations to some spells and units making them ineffective in some situations where traditionally they were effective. Overall, the game is much more stable with the modification but the game play may be a disappointment if you are looking for the aggressiveness of the original.

The latest version of the mod, GS5R3 will require players to download an additional file, the PIC5R3.mpq.

The mod is updated quite frequently and has a long history of development.

Homepage: Mantera's website

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Original game review: Strategy-gaming review

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