Pokémon Titanium and Iron
Language Availability
Disclosure Closed

Type of Fangame Standalone
Available for playing No
Engine RPG Maker XP
Programming Language Ruby RGSS
Series Pokemon
State Incomplete
Genre Role-playing game

Last Development Event February 10, 2008
Version Pre-Alpha




is a 10 year-old boy/girl who, after going out to find his/her little sister, develops a bond with a Pokémon and sets out to become a Pokémon master. During this journey, he/she is inadvertently caught in a struggle for the fate of the world...

Prof. Spruce is a kindly old researcher stationed in Titan/Ira's hometown of Pine. He gives Titan/Ira his/her first Pokémon. He is also responsible for the Pokédex 2.0.

Ivan is the mysterious leader of GENESIS. What are his motives?

More to be revealed...


- New Pokémon, items, types, attacks, and region!

- New letter system- there's a post office area in every Pokémon Center and a mailbox at home!

- Online connectivity in the Pokémon Web Center- battle or trade?

- Travel to Fiore and Orre regions (partial completion)

Planned FeaturesEdit

- Pokémon Communicator, or PokéCom for short! Watch TV, view the map, call someone up on the phone, or track


Titanium and Iron were founded nearly two years ago, as the overambitious and poorly-designed Derukia Project. This embryonic stage, mentioned only as a footnote, bears little in common with the modern games. Rather, about a month after the Derukia Project's last update, the first of the games in what would be called their almost-modern forms was posted on the old Pokemon Acanthite Invisionfree. The games initially recieved mixed reviews, but, after the original version's files were corrupted, the games were restarted in their current form and spread across the Internet, gaining a small amount of loyal fans and receiving mostly good reviews.


These are the individuals who are responsible for the project and provide permanent or temporary contribution to the project.


Staff list last updated 11 February 2008.

Staff List
Member Nickname Position(s) Joined Status
Crazy Weavile

Founder, Writer, Mapper, Eventer, Designer

Unknown Active


Co-Director, Artist, Designer

Unknown Active


Artist, Designer

Unknown Active

Virtual Chatot


Unknown Active

Expected ReleaseEdit

No release has been issued.

Past ReleasesEdit

There have been no releases of new pornos.

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