Pokemon - The Lost World
Snowpoint city
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Type of Fangame Unknown
Available for playing No
Engine Sphere
Programming Language English
Series Pokemon
Genre Role-playing game

Last Development Event October 25th 2007

Contrary to popular belief (and the fact that the official forum on Pokeforums has been closed), Pokémon The Lost World has not been shut down. During February of 2009, the main computer that stored all the game's files broke, and as a result, the game's progress was stalled. Though, the files were not lost, and as of recent events, the developer, and lead designer of the project, Captain Arcane, has received a new computer, and has also salvaged all data from the previous computer. In conclusion, Pokémon The Lost World will continue.


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The goal for the team of Pokémon The Lost World is to piece together the scattered world of Pokémon into one world, where there are almost no boundaries, and not only are we to connect the world of Pokémon, but to connect the players as well. With online capability being possible, we will strive to reach it. The Towns are big, the cities are huge, and the routes are perillous. But we are staying true to the franchise. With the exception of new regional and gender variations there are no fake Pokémon. While there will be many secrets in the game that may not be known or true to the Pokémon World, there are some secrets that only few know about and you must overcome life risking obstacles to discover them.


Staff list last updated 21st October 2007.

Staff List
Member Nickname Position(s) Joined Status
Captain Arcane

Founder, Mapper, Writer, Project Leader

July 29th 2007 Active

Project Opinionater, Main Story Line Assistant, Main Assistant Idealist

Unknown Active


Unknown Active


  • All 493 Pokemon
  • All badges ever made (30)
  • Regional variants of pokemon
  • Gender differences
  • Customizeable Tainer Cards
  • Real time
  • Large realistic towns, cities, and routes
  • Explore Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orange Islands, Sevii Islands, Fiore, Orre, (and possibly) Almia


Every pokeball there has ever been in any game, series, and manga will appear in this game, and some that haven't at all. This is a picture of all the pokeballs that there will be, the data for them is complete.


Poké Balls


This is the world map of the game, however, it is expected to change in the next update.

Level capsEdit

There will be level caps when you enter a new region. The level cap for Johto is 20, this means that any pokemon brought into Johto that is over level 20 will not obey you until you have the right badge. Even if the pokemon was caught in Johto and trained in Kanto and then brought back, it will not obey.


The Lost World has an online and offline playmode. When offline, the most interaction you can have with other players is trading with them over the internet. When playing the online mode, the player will be able to talk see another player's sprite. Up to thirty players can be on one map at a time.


The Lost World is the first pokemon game ever to allow the player to have a custom sprite. The player will be able to customize all there is to customize on their sprite. However, you will have to pay for new clothes if you want to change your sprite. A simple way to put this is: "we are no linger red clones"

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