Pokemon Oren Version
Language Availability
Disclosure ???

Type of Fangame Multiplayer
Available for playing No
Architecture(s) ???
Engine Computer
Programming Language English
Series Pokemon
State Incomplete

Last Development Event Working on Pokedex
Version ???

Pokemon Oren Version is a fan-game being created by MasterPalkia and MasterBall. Work began on July 17,2008. The actual making of the game has not begun, but will soon . The Pokedex is close to being finished. We are still looking for more staff members; There are 10 of us so far.

Storyline Edit

Pokemon Oren takes place in a new region called the Oren region. You are a regular Pokemon trainer. You may be able to pick your own appearance. There are many new Pokmeon, places and people. You will have to stop Team Geo in thier plan to take the star of Hita.

Karma Edit

The story is tracked through a karma system which influences the growth of charctars and the pokemon powers, some being enhanced by good deeds, while ignoring the pleas of the citizens will favor the growth of other powers and abilities. The karma system will also affect how the citizens react to the character; if the player has helped citizens, they may come to his/her help in certain battles, while in the contrary position, the citizens may flee as the character approaches. However, the player is able to alter their karma and pursue the alternate direction should they want to. This how ever has not been confermed yet.

Characters Edit

You you take the role as a Pokemon trainer like in the other Pokemon games.

Your Rival of course you have your rival who will always be looking for a battle.

Harrison is another rival of yours.

Professor Redwood is the regions Pokemon professor.

Team Geo are the new antagionists. They want to take the star of Hita and claim it's power.

Character trainer card Edit

characters will have trainer cards that identify there rank,type of pokemon,badges,age,ect

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Pokemon Oren online beta version Edit

pokemon oren online beta verion is not confirmed but is in the works.It allows players to enter a pokemon world where characters can battle all around the world in matches and be the top master.It has a total of 10 game modes king of the hill,oren world cup,worlds oren master the rest is still in progress.The "worlds oren master" lets everyone around the world battle for the ownership and the grand master of the world.

through out the oren world cities like this will give you transportaion so you can travel around the world

Expected Demo Release Edit

  • Summer of 2010 as of July 17, 2008


Staff list last updated 23rd July 2008.

Staff List
Member Nickname Position(s) Joined Status

Founder, Lead Designer, Writer, Programer, Spriter

2008 Active


Lead Designer, Writer, Programer, Spriter

2008 Active


Executive Designer

2008 Active


Executive Designer

2008 Active


Map Designer

2008 Active



2008 Active



2008 Active



2008 Active


Town and City Designer

2008 inactive


Pokemon Designer

2008 Active

Screenshots Edit

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