Pokemon Protectors
Language Availability

Type of Fangame Unknown
Available for playing No
Engine RPG Maker
Programming Language
Series Pokemon
State Incomplete

Last Development Event September 28th 2007

Pokemon Protectors' is being developed by the Calis Projects, headed under Neo-Dragon. The game began development back in November of 2006 and it's first information showed up on the net in January of 2007.


The main themes of the game are freedom and choice.

  • The game's main feature is the ability to allow the player to become good or evil depending on the choices he/she makes through out the game.
  • Choices can me made under the "Conscious Choice" feature. This feature will give the player choices that will effect the current situation the player is in. Each choice leads to a different action. Each action will earn you "REP" Points, or Reputation points.

REP Points will effect the reputation the player has with the groups within the game. The game has 5 main groups:

  • Team Aqua
  • Team magma
  • Pokemon Protectors
  • Pokemon Rangers
  • and Team Rocket.

The player will be able to join these teams, although this feature's extent is not known.

The game's other key features are it's Windowed Battle system- where the battle window is on the center of the screen, and the ability to customise the menus boarders and background.


Staff List
Member Nickname Position(s) Joined Status

Mapper, Menus

Unknown Active,

Windows, Founder

Unknown Active
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