Pokemon Scarlet
Language Availability English
Disclosure Closed

Type of Fangame Standalone
Available for playing No
Architecture(s) Windows XP, Vista
Engine RPG Maker XP
Programming Language RGSS
Series Pokemon
State Incomplete
Genre Role-playing game

Last Development Event

Pokémon Scarlet is a fan-game being created by co-partners, Houndoomed and Asuran as part of a PokeOrg Productions fan-game. Work began in February 2007. However, after a year and three months working on the game, Houndoomed announced his resignation in late May/early June 2008.[1] It was revealed on May 12th 2008 that Lorem Ipsum and Sprite Killer would be taking over as co-developers of the game, with Ipsum being the head administrator on the forum.[2] Asuran reprises his role as administrator in the so called 'Era II'.

After Lorem Ipsum's mysterious disappearence for a long while, as well as a crash of the server that the Scarlet Forums were originally hosted on, forum member inta_xonem decided to create a webpage for Scarlet. These new forums would serve as Scarlet's new home, and the community began to thrive once again, with new team members joining up. Eventually, Houndoomed stepped once again out of retirement in order to announce to the community that Minorthreat would be heading Scarlet's development.[3] At this time, forum moderator CHARIZARDRAKE announced his resignation as well.

More recently, a forced retreat was caused in the forums. The new forums had crashed, leading to a period of silence from the team and community. Staff member Eebit revitalized the Old Scarlet forums in order to keep the community alive while inta_xonem sorted out server issues.[4][5]

Storyline Edit

As taken from a topic of the forums: [6]

Your name is Lance*. You live in the town of Risehome in the region of Shiozu,   
along with your Aunt and Uncle, and your younger cousin Clair.   
You have been living here for a long time, and things have always been more and less peaceful...   
Until now.   
You and your friend Giovanni are out on Route 297 and he is showing you how to battle.  
Giovanni has been like an older brother to you for several years,   
since your parents left to journey faraway lands. Giovanni was also a traveling trainer,   
but he would always return to Risehome Town to spend the Winter with you.   
But recently Giovanni took a position as assistant to Prof. Maple, who has a lab in Risehome.   
After Giovanni finishes your lesson he tells you to head home and that he will see you in the morning, on your birthday.   
You wake up the next morning to your cousin yelling for you.   
She says that she was up in Steadytree Town and she saw some shady looking characters hanging around.   
She decided that you and her would go talk to Prof. Maple and see if you could get your first Pokémon.   
You head downstairs, where your Aunt is waiting for you.   
She allows you to go and get your Pokémon from Prof. Maple.   
Once you arrive at Prof. Maple's Lab, one of her other Aides says that she and Giovanni have gone to the   
Dragon Shrine in the eastern part of Risehome Town, and that you should go there if you needed to see her.   
You and Clair make your way to see Prof. Maple and Giovanni, you ask her about getting your first Pokémon,   
and she says that you are in luck because she has brought three Pokémon with her. You insist that Clair chooses first,  
but she declines, because it is your birthday, and you should choose first. You choose first, and then Clair chooses hers.   
As soon as Clair made her choice, the three of you are ambushed by two shady looking characters.   
You and Clair use your new Pokémon to battle the two shady characters, however in the excitement of battle you and Clair fail to notice that Prof. Maple and Giovanni are now missing.   
You and Claire look around, but can only find Giovanni’s hat, which must have fallen off when he and Prof. Maple were taken.   
You and Clair rush back to your house to talk with your Aunt about what had just happened.   
After you tell your story you decide to check around town to see if there are any more clues to who took Giovanni and Prof. Maple.   
Near the entrance to Route 297 you find a note which reads: “Capture the Professor, and bring her to HQ. I will follow.”   
It seems that this plan was orchestrated by someone, but whoever wrote the note did not sign it.   
Clair comes to the conclusion that Prof. Maple must know something that these people want.   
You two decide that you will try to find this ‘HQ’ and rescue Prof. Maple.  
Clair says that you can still be a Pokémon Trainer at the same time.   
She believes that if you train your Pokémon by defeating all of the Gym Leaders in Shiozu,   
you would be strong enough to defeat the people who kidnapped Prof. Maple and Giovanni.   
The two of you return to Clair’s house and tell your Aunt your decision.   
She is proud of your decision to rescue Prof. Maple and Giovanni, and gives you permission to go.   
Your Uncle then gives you a pair of Running Shoes as a birthday gift.   
And with that, you and Clair begin your quest for rescuing Prof. Maple, but with many questions,   
the most important being why exactly these people want Prof. Maple.   
What would she know that they were so desperate for that they would be willing to kidnap her?   
You won’t know until you find this ‘HQ’ and rescue Prof. Maple.

* Note that you can choose any name for yourself. Lance is the default name.


Lance is a 13 year-old boy who wants to follow his dream of becoming the strongest Pokemon Trainer ever. Though he is very friendly with any type of Pokémon, he has an odd affinity with Dragon-type Pokemon.

Clair is Lance's cousin, and although younger than Lance, Clair must still watch over him. She is very mature for her age and loves Pokémon. She wants to become a Gym Leader when she grows older.

Giovanni is a Pokémon Trainer who lives next to Lance in Hazelbranch Town. he is heading an evil organization after money, called Team Rocket. He kidnapped Professor Maple in order to use her research and then ransom her.

Prof. Maple is a capable Pokémon Researcher, and can show her competance in battling as well. She is an aging woman and has been a Pokémon Professor for most of her lifetime. She was kidnapped as part of Giovanni's evil plot.


Staff list last updated 22nd June 2008.

Staff List
Member Nickname Position(s) Joined Status

Founder, Mapper, Writer, Spriter, Cookie Eater

2007 Retired

Lorem Ipsum

Head Admin, Programmer, Composer, Lead Developer

2007 Active


Mapper, Spriter, Administrator

Unknown Active

Sprite Killer

Designer, Spriter, Administrator

Unknown Active

Red Rocet

Moveset Creator

Unknown Active


Designer, Spriter

Unknown Retired

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