Sandy's Nightmare is a fanon fangame(not real and doesn't appear).It is Sponge Bob game.


Sandy and Randy Cheeks are dancing in their house with some Mobians.When all go to homes,Sandy gets a nightmare.

And it gets real.

5 months later.Birds find a letter to the future from dinosaurs.

"If you finded this letter,our descendants,you know we are extinct.But we know those darn furred critters mammals is main group to rule,because we are killed by a meteorite rain.

We thinked,you are progressive to attack and rule every animal.But you losed.And you cannot control this?REVENGE!!!

Defeat those stupid furred bucks!

                                     ---Elder Dinosaurs"

Some birds resistancing mammals.Mammal-Bird war started.In generals was been Cera(Land Before Time),one of survived dinosaurs.Sandy and Randy must stop her plans.



Karate Punch x Infinite--Sandy's weapon,an karate attacks.

Acorn Ricochet x 20--Sandy's wild west pistol.

X-Ray x 30--Sandy's laser gun.


Lasso x Infinite--Randy's weapon,an long lasso that crushed some Alaskan Bull Worms and South American Carnivore Cows.

Acorn Ricochet x 30--Randy's wild west pistol,it has bigger count of ammo because he's cowboy.


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